Bespoke Colour Chart

At CAZ Studio, we believe that individuality and personal expression should be at the heart of fashion. That's why we offer a unique service that allows you to personalise your knitwear using our bespoke colour chart, reflecting your style. 

 Here's How CAZ Studio's Custom Colour Chart Works: 

- Choose Your Style: Browse our knitwear collection and pick your favorite style.
- Select Your Colour: Decide on the color you'd like for your garment.
- Pick Your Material: Choose between eco-friendly recycled cashmere or premium Carriagi yarn.
- Contact Us: Once you've made your selections, email us at to place your order
- Timely Delivery: Your custom knitwear arrives in 4-5 weeks.


Our Ready-to-wear colors:

swatches here

Our Made-to-order colors:

swatches here