When the summer sun blazes, it's easy to assume that all woollens should be packed away. However, cashmere is a luxurious exception to this rule. While often associated with winter, cashmere is a versatile fabric that can offer comfort and style even in the heat.

Known for its softness, lightness, and warmth, cashmere also uniquely keeps you cool. Thanks to its high moisture-wicking properties, it absorbs sweat without feeling damp, keeping you dry and comfortable as temperatures rise. The secret lies in the fine, lightweight structure of cashmere fibres, which makes them breathable and perfect for single-ply garments, ideal for summer.


Additionally, cashmere fibres have a natural crimp that forms microscopic air pockets, a unique feature that provides insulation. These pockets trap heat in winter and release it in summer, a process that helps to regulate body temperature. Thus, a lightweight cashmere sweater can be just as cosy on a cool summer evening as in winter.

Designers have fully embraced Cashmere’s versatility, creating summer collections that feature featherweight cardigans, tops, and more. These pieces offer a gentle embrace while ensuring coolness in the heat, underscoring Cashmere’s timeless appeal that transcends seasonal trends.


For summer, opt for lower ply-count cashmere garments. Single-ply items are more breathable, perfect for warm days, and still provide the luxurious feel that cashmere is known for.

So, when the temperature rises, don't hesitate to wear that chic cashmere wrap or lightweight sweater. Enjoy the summer breeze with the cool comfort of cashmere, a fabric that surprises with its year-round adaptability and elegance. Stay cool with cashmere, and indulge in its luxury every season.