At CAZ Studio we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of the production process of cashmere and beyond. We are certainly not perfect but are determined to work towards reducing the environmental impact of fashion as much as possible.


We believe in transparency. We openly share information about our production, materials, sourcing, and labor practices. Through our blog, we educate you about cashmere, so you know exactly what you're supporting.


We promote organic and recycled materials, minimise waste and carbon emissions, and prioritise responsible water and energy usage. Our ready-to-wear collection utilises recycled cashmere, while our Bespoke collection features 'eco-cashmere' from Cariaggi, known for sustainable production methods.


Our Bespoke collection is made to order, meaning nothing excess is produced.


We support circularity by providing repair and resale services. Our experts can refresh and repair your cashmere pieces, extending their lifespan. You can also sell your old knitwear to us, where we'll refresh and resell it in our Pre-Loved collection or recycle it into rejuvenated fibers.

Labour practices

Our core operation revolves around a small family business with decades of experience in the knitting industry. Our partners in Italy not only care for their employees' well-being but also ensure fair wages as a top priority. We ensure safe working conditions, fair wages, and prohibit child labor or exploitation.


We minimise the waste produced from shipping materials by using certified sustainable packaging, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the product.