Resell your unwanted knitwear for £20

Our resell programme allows you to give us old knitwear you don't wear anymore, in return for £20 off anything in our collections. We will give them a new lease on life regardless of condition, so long as the knitwear is made of cashmere or cashmere mix and does not contain any synthetic fibres.

They can be repaired and refreshed to be sold, as good as ever, in our Pre-Loved collection.

If they are beyond repair, we will donate them to our partner mill. There, the cashmere will be unravelled and made into rejuvenated fibres... this is how the yarn in our recycled cashmere Ready-to-Wear collection is made!

No matter how old, CAZ Studio can revive your cashmere and breathe new life into it through reselling and recycling.