Repair & Refresh Submission

Our Repair and Refresh Service costs £50 per garment, but it's important to note that the fees are reduced for multiple items, such as £90 for two sweaters or £220 for five sweaters. This £50 fee includes 30 minutes of repair time, and there are no extra charges for individual moth holes. Typically, we can repair around five to six of them, though the exact number may vary based on the hole sizes. If we anticipate that the repair exceeds 30 minutes, we'll email you and offer a cost estimate prior to commencing the work.

 Repair Process:

1. Fill out and submit the online form
Please note we repair any brand of knitwear made from natural fibres like 100% Cashmere, Cashmere mix, or Lambswool.

2. Send Your Item
Choose your preferred postage option and send us your pieces.

3. Quick Assessment
We'll assess the repair possibility and notify you via email.

4. Choose Repair or Recycle:
If repairs are not viable, you can get your garment returned at your expense or donate it to us and receive a £20 gift voucher for a  new item.
For knitwear beyond repair, explore our recycling program under the Resell initiative to prolong garment lifespan.


Join our easy repair process for knitwear that lasts!

Repair & Refresh Fee

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